The Shady Side of Wrenaxis

Dr. Argonine and Leyland grab the identity cards of their downed pursuer and meet up with Xeus and Fokker at the seedy hotel the crew had arranged for near the spaceport. Fokker had managed to spank some sense into his razor monkey, to the relief of everyone.

Xeus ran a search and found that the men who had followed the good doctor were employees of a Wrenaxis private security firm. Hired help, but hired by whom? They turn on the spacetv and see Shah Habi on the news claiming System Y for Aurix. They learn that Aurix attempted to enter Svarogian space and were fired upon by Svarogian vessels. The crew infers that shit is getting real. They also learn that Shah Habi has put a bounty out on information resulting in the return of the SS $mell of $uccess SS. Xeus hacks the spaceport master’s email account and adds a filter that will alert him if that individual says anything about them or the ship.

Dr. Argonine received an spacemail from an anonymous sender in Svarog. It said it had answers to his question and informed him that he had become critical to Svarog’s plans. They were going to be after him soon if they weren’t already. The anonymous sender told Argonine to connect with a contact on Wrenaxis and provide the contact’s info. Xeus ran a search on this individual and came up dry, but a call in to Signal0 led him to learn that the contact was part of a very high end shadowy organization which helped connect legitimate businesses with illegal enterprises. To show his sincerity, the anonymous sender also attached logs from the wormhole gateway in Svarog that showed a deluge of slipstone accelerated particles that science says would require a planet-sized chunk of slipstone.

The crew decided to visit the head of security, Brant, at his lower middle class apartment complex. They hack the elevator and Fokker sends his razor monkey through the airvent with a camera. Using this information, he disassembles his door security system. They find a laser security grid and Fokker builds a re-direction array that allows them to make their way down the hallway to the bedroom where Brant is asleep with a lady companion. At the door to the bedroom Xeus find pressures sensitive floor panels which Fokker disengages as well. Xeus wakes up Brant with a blade to his throat and they demand information about Project Epsilon. Brant refuses to divulge until Leyland strikes him in the Solar Plexus and Fokker gets all up in his grill. Brant tells the crew that he was responsible for ferrying cargo containers holding people to a monk named Thadius in the cloister. Xeus fries all of his communication equipment and they leave him with a warning not to speak to anybody about what happened.

The group head back to the Church of Humanity Ascendant the next day and Dr. Argonine asks the head of research if he can give a talk to the cloister. Chandis looks nervous when she responds that the monks themselves had asked her to ask him to do just that. Sensing her concern, Argonine takes her out of the church grounds for lunch. Chandis reveals that the monks are up to some nefarious shit. She explains that Project Epsilon involved using a genomics treatment from Svarog that her and her team could not understand. She raised concerns and got a statement from Attendant Babalawo Benjamin Wahimbey (the same individual who was peers with Dr. Argonine and attempted to recruited him in System X) that the genomics treatment was safe. She says she has heard rumors that the monks have been kidnapping people whose mother’s were given this treatment and sending them to Svarog.

Xeus gets access to a church computer and finds a picture of the monk, Thadius. The crew sees that he is dressed in the same garb as the slipstone cultists they had encountered in the Moist Hatch.


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