Schrödinger's dick

I can't remember why we thought that was a good title...

As the crew mill about the Church’s plaza they watch as security guards interrupt a conversation between a couple and two of the shaved head religious converts. The couple are escorted out by security guards and yell out disparaging comments about the church as they are lead out. Xeus hacks their ids and learns that they are Zachary Flume (from Wheelmark) and Petal (from Folly). Both are ex-church members.

Leyland speaks to the head of security about a job, a man named Brant Strontum. Brant is impressed with Leyland and says to swing by his office in Administration to apply.

Dr. Argonine starts chatting up a researcher who becomes star struck when he recognizes him. Soon a gaggle of researchers are surrounding Dr. Argonine. He asks to speak with the head researcher and the scientists readily agree.

The crew goes with the scientists into the research arm of the campus. Dr. Argonine meets with Chandis Ballwather, the head of research. Chandis reveals that they use a technology called a neuro-cranial harness to use the quantum processing power of the human mind to advance their genomics research. The religious converts willingly submit to this as they believe the process will help them reach their full potential. Neuro-cranial harnesses are illegal in most of the cluster due to some evidence that they can be used to manipulate people’s mental states.

Xeus breaks away from the nerd herd and hacks his way into a secure section of the research lab. He hacks into the network and learns that Solar’s genome is one of 10 genomes associated with a project called Project Epsilon. He also learns that the crate Solar was delivered in was delivered to the attention of Brant Strontum and was then listed as being lost by Brant. There are a few such other packages which have been received by Brant and then noted as lost. Xeus also sets off a security alarm in the administrative building just to fuck with people because he’s like that.

Leyland takes a tour of the lab with the scientists and does his best to look smart.

Chandis asks if Dr. Argonine will give a speech to the lab and he agrees. The speech is impressive and filled with science words. He leaves to a standing ovation.

Xeus tracks Brant Strontum when he leaves the campus. Brant makes his way to a seedy bar and then leaves with a woman that he then takes back to his meager apartment in a middle class part of town.

Dr. Argonine and Leyland head back to the ship but Leyland realizes they are being followed. They part ways and Leyland heads down an alley. Dr. Argonine stops at the next alley and stands there very suspiciously. Leyland surprises one of their followers and knocks him out. The two other tails realize they have been made and charge towards Dr. Argonine with guns drawn (Leyland confirmed the guns are loaded with non-lethal ammo). Dr. Argonine fires on one of the men and kills him in cold blood. Leyland steps in front of the final man and just glares at him until he runs away in fear.

Xeus calls Dr. Argonine and Leyland and they explain what happen. Xeus tells them how they should have done everything better because he’s like that.


phobologic gmahoney

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