Exploring the Ring

...in more ways than one

The street urchin informs the crew that Solar’s parents lived in Habitat C2. They board the hover-tram and head there only to be stopped at a security checkpoint in the looted and abandoned commercial section. The street urchin makes some vile and baseless accusations about the crew’s intentions but the crew manage to make it clear they are up to nothing so nefarious. It becomes clear that the security crew is looking for a way off Hogan 6 and Fokker agrees to give them a lift in return for their cooperation. They require assurance that the kid will come to no harm but agree to meet the crew on their way back through the commercial section.

The crew makes it to the corporate section and heads down the elevator’s to Solar’s parent’s apartment. They find a group of youths denying entrance to that floor because of scarce oxygen from a failing air recycler. The crew is generous with gifts of Spam and Fokker demands a variety of obtuse implements before heading back up to the corporate section where Fokker to fix the air recyclers. He manages to not just fix the problem for that floor but also manages to fix a more systemic issue with the entire station’s air recycling system.

The crew meets with Solar’s family and learns when Solar went missing (give or take a day). They find the trappings of a mundane hab-ring life with the notable exception that Solar’s mother had been offered inclusion in an experimental fertility program. Doctor’s had come from off-station to give her treatments and to check in on Solar in her early years. The crew also finds photos and names of the kids Solar was getting into trouble with in Hab A1.

The crew breaks into the Axis (Wrenaxis rent-a-cop) office in the corporate section where they trigger an alarm. Lacking the proper access codes Xeus storms head first into the fray and destroys one of the drones with his knife. Fokker and Leyland follow suit making short work of the remaining two. As they search the office three more drones drop down from the ceiling and another battle ensues. Xeus manages to hack the console and disable the seemingly insatiable drone assault. Fokker and Leyland explore the office’s storage area and find a particularly virulent drug seized as evidence from one of Solar’s friends just days before her disappearance. Xeus pulls the rap sheets for Solar’s friends and gets their full contact information and finds out that they were running a small drug dealing operation on Hogan 6. He gets the full docking logs for the days before and after Solar’s disappearance. He pulls Solar’s case file and finds that the investigation abruptly stopped when Renault (the Axis office in charge) got corrupted cam footage data from the Kinetic Konstruction data store.


Xeus also did some digging on the local darknet about the security guards – didn’t see anything crazy about them, just the usual ‘damn the man’ type posts from the locals. One interesting thing:

There were 4 security guards that peopled talked about – we only met with 3. The ‘missing’ guard was their Sergeant.

Exploring the Ring

Some notes from Xeus perspective:

- The guards likely didn’t care about another missing street kid, so when they met the smallest resistance (corrupt logs) they gave up the case. The logs they got would have been a dump from the mining companies shipping manifest and security systems (Axis only seems to provide physical security, but do not have cameras anywhere). Definitely need to hack into the mining companies computers to get more info.

- I’m a little worried about letting the guards on board the ship without some precautions. We’ve made them aware that we will take some, but it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

- I’m thinking about repurposing (with Fokker’s help) one of the drones. I have an empty aspect & stunt, and it’d be pretty awesome to have a drone with guns following me around. You know, because I don’t have enough illegal shit on me already.

- At the same time, I’m starting to admire the little kid – I may have to get him off planet and introduce him to Signal0 – because, you know, I need more little kids in my life that can be kidnapped by Quandos.

- Maybe use the security guards to help put some pressure on the gang members that knew Solar?

- We’re going to have to get some people off this death trap – really no clue what the best way to do that is. It’s unlikely that our ship can hold many safely, and anywhere we take them probably isn’t going to be super happy with a bunch of new homeless people.

Exploring the Ring
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