Always a bridesmaid, never a manbride...

Fokker’s religious fervor somehow creates an emotional link between him and an errant razor monkey. The two are inseparable on the way back to the research station. At some point on the ride, the scientist wakes up and attempts to break free from his bond. Fokker’s jury-rigged shackles prove to be too much for him. The crew get back to the research station and the scientists debrief them. They keep Fokker under observation until his religious fervor wanes. They fix up Xeus and take the mutated scientist in for operation. They also set to work healing Silas and his crew. Leyland keeps a watchful eye on the operations.

When Silas and his crew awaken, Xeus and Fokker attempt to intimidate them into revealing the location where they dropped off Solar. The scientists express displeasure at Xeus’ threats and inappropriate use of medical apparatus. Xeus threatens to get Quandos Vorn involved which clearly scares Silas. Leyland enters the room to help get the information and Silas immediately asks to claim his war-prize either in the form of currency or a (man)bride. After some emotional discussion, Leyland agrees to pay the debt in cash instead of ass. He also swears a blood oath to Silas that they will not reveal to Vorn or anyone else the fact that they revealed the drop off location.

The crews are escorted out of the space station and to their ships. They jump the wormhole and then exchange information and currency. The crew learns that Solar was dropped off at the administration loading area of the main Church of Humanity Ascendant center on Wrenaxis.

Xeus gives his update to Vorn and chooses to omit the fact that they discovered the identify of Solar’s abductors. Fokker gets concerned that Xeus’ lie may be uncovered and chooses to unleash the razor monkey at Xeus during his call with Vorn. This confuses the situation enough that Vorn does not doubt the veracity of Xeus’ report.

The crew learns that the center has a public courtyard featuring a holographic display area where they do propaganda. The center also has an administrative building, a research facility and a religious cloister. They see initiates with shaved heads and wearing all white coming and going from the cloister. They learn that the research facility has a number of commercial projects primarily in the area of nootropics as well as a number of public charity projects, such as the fertility program on Hogan 6.

Xeus attempts to case the join and determine the layout of all the security systems. He is surprised to find a more sophisticated security system than would have seemed warranted for such an institution and aborts his effort before he looks suspicious.


phobologic gmahoney

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