Not a single habitable planet remains in the once great Lerach system. The civilization that still lives among the debris fills the system lives entirely in ancient ships of a far greater technology than they can create and can barely maintain. The entire society is highly nomadic, and often resort to piracy of ships that make their way into the shattered space. The people there hold onto the resentment they feel of the other systems, and especially Svarog, for the destruction of their once great society.

In one corner of the system strange energy pulses forth, wreaking havoc on most ship’s long range scanning capabilities. The people of Lerach have learned to deal with this and even use it to their advantage. Legend has it that the energy is the remains of the source of the system’s destruction: the use of a device which opened and collapsed a massive Slipknot on their original homeworld with destructive results.

Few know the truth about what happened to the once highly advanced people of Lerach. The people of Lerach were always known to be aggressive, and the Svarogians barely kept the peace with the younger, less advanced people. If you ask the people of Lerach what went wrong they almost entirely blame the Svarogians. Either they gave them technology that purposefully destroyed their homeworld, or technology that was faulty. People of other systems in the cluster realize that the truth is likely a little less one sided. They accept that Svarogian technology was shared with the Lerachians, perhaps technology that should have never been shared, but it was the Lerachians who crafted their own downfall. Hence the nickname given to the system: Folly.

Some Notes/Ideas

  • The spaceships of Folly were obviously once meant for war for the most part. They have weapons far beyond the current technology level (say T2).
  • Most of the tech that is left on the ships is well beyond the ability of the Lerachian’s to build. What’s more they can barely maintain it and much of the maintenance of their ships and technology is passed on in an almost ritualistic fashion. Learning or experimenting with new ways of dealing with the technology is shunned, perhaps totally forbidden.


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