The Uncertainty Principle
or The Dangers of Wormwhores

Fökker takes apart the experimental afterburners to bolster the scanning capacities of the SS Smell Of Success SS which allows Dr. Argnonine to collect the data that could change everything in about 24 hours. During this time the forming wormhole becomes stable and Dr. Argonine’s mad science deducts that it points to a new system.

The crew debates the finer points of a “backdoor” exit through the new wormhole and eventually goes through despite protests from Xeus. They find a system with a once-habitable world now engulfed in radiation. A race of humans live among the asteroid belt in ramshackles Tech level 1(-) ships.

The crew scans the system and awakens Shah Habi from his slumber just long enough for him to officially claim the system for Aurix, then sends him off to sleep again. Meanwhile, hundreds of ships begin to make their way to the SS SoS SS.

Fökker gets on the comms and convinces 3 of the 50 or so clans to join his fictitious organization, the ASA, though shortly after loses their support when he makes what seem like impossible claims about a magical gateway. The crew exits throughout the wormhole leaving more questions than answer for the scavengers they left behind.

The crew heads back to the northern wormhole in the automated system and opens comms channels to the Svarogian ships. After a few attempts to negotiate safe passage it becomes clear that Attendant Babalawo Benjamin Wahimbey wants to know how Dr. Argonine entered the automated system above all else.

We leave the scene with Dr. Argonine clutching a dead man’s switch and threatening to self destruct as Fökker posits exceedingly complicated legal mechanisms to broker the crew’s freedom.

Slipknot Subterfuge
or The Tragic Return of Shah Habi

Dr. Argonine convinces the crew of the SS Smell of Success SS to pass through the asteroid belt in order to get a closer look at the anomaly. The Svarogian science vessels hails them and it is revealed that the captain of that vessel is none other than Benjamin Wahimbey (now Attendant Babalawo in the Svarogian science hierarchy). Argonine and Benjamin were bitter rivals back in school because Benjamin either stole or took credit for a discovery that was rightly Argonine’s.

Shah Habi broke his way out of the hold and unleashed an extremely high end Svarogian AI into the ship systems which Xeus was able to take out. Fökker and Leyland headed down to the engine room to deal with Shah Habi.

Xeus hacked the science vessel’s probes causing false data to enhance Argonine’s deceit that the anomaly was unstable and in danger of destroying everything around it. The Svarogian and cultists vessels fled the area leaving Argonine to launch his own probes and collect the data that could change everything.

Xeus and Argonine headed down to the engine room to help the fight against Shah Habi who had equipped himself with an arrary of highly powerful black market Svarogian armaments. The crew managed to subdue him in the end and Argonine strapped him to a bed in the sick bay with a continuous sedative drip.

The Gang Gets Back Together
and mutinies against their captain

Fökker had trailed a cultist ship after the rest of the crew disappeared. The cultist ship made its way to Svarogian space where it connected with other Svarogian and cultist ships. That small fleet went to the northern wormhole point where they managed to open a wormhole to the unidentified cluster. Incredibly, the wormhole between Svarog and the unidentified cluster had become a mature and stable wormhole. As the fleet entered the wormhole, an unassuming ship appeared and made its way through the wormhole as well. Fökker followed through as well.

The unassuming ship engaged a Svarogian cruiser in battle and revealed itself to be armed with Svarogian weaponry. In the ensuring chaos, Fökker made his escape and connected with the rest of the characters.

Dr. Agronine took the incapacitated Leyland Sparks to the med bay where he discovered that Sparks had been infected with a heretofore unknown disease he labelled “Etherius Ganjus”. He was able to find an antidote in short order.

Leyland’s blow to Shah Habi sent him into a coma and the crew decided they’d had enough of him so locked him up in the brig.

The crew, now reunited with their ship the SS Smell of Success SS, took off from the planet, narrowly avoided the systems defense ships encircling it.

Dr. Argonine detected a massive gravitational anomaly at the southern wormhole point and posited that it was a wormhole forming at a hyper-accelerated rate. He realized the data he got from this event could change everything and convinced the crew to investigate it.

The ship noticed a cultist ship but managed to stay undetected. They made it to the mineral iceshard field surrounding the solar system and were able to jury rig a system to scan through it. They detected two cultist ships and a Svarogian science vessel around the gravitational anomaly.

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