Xeos Darnassus



Superb: Communications
Great: Computer, Alertness
Good: Stealth, Agility, Close Combat
Decent: Culture, Slug Throwers, Charm, Repair
Average: Assets, Bureaucracy, Brokerage, Stamina, Resolve


Out of sight, out of mind
No culture of my own
The smartest and the quickest
Made a deal with the devil
XSU-7 implant – experimental, illegal, dangerous
Scot’s character is my boy
I know a guy
Searching for the secrets of my father…
Haven’t earned my space legs…


Military Grade Communications


Growing up

Xeos (pronounced Zay-Oh) was born under the domes of Wrenaxis Prime. His father was a computer scientist from the Svarog system, his mother was from Folly. His father left Svarog long ago and never shared why with anyone. His mother passed away during childbirth.

His father was pre-occupied much of his young life, leaving Xeos to take care of himself. He was surrounded by computer equipment and took to it naturally, though rather than more practical uses for computers he started learning how break them – or rather break the software that they ran.

He soon fell in with other children with similar interests and they soon found themselves breaking the law – either on the computer, or in meat-space.


  • Out of Sight, Out of Mind
  • Observer of Many Cultures, Part of None

Starting Out

Soon Xeos’ father discovered what his son was up to and Xeos was kick out, having to fend for himself further. This only pushed Xeos further on his criminal path. Soon he ran a small group of “Information Acquisition Specialists” known as Signal Prime in the underworld. It wasn’t long till they caught the notice of the vicious criminal Daeros Skorvic. Xeos & his team made sure to pay dues to the criminal organization and soon they were doing bigger things.


  • The Network is Everything
  • You’ve never heard of Signal Prime?!

Moment of Crisis

  • Given the chance to have an experimental military computer implant (that ‘fell off a spaceship’) installed by Daeros.
  • Goes into debt because of it – didn’t really understand what he was getting into
  • Needs to get off the planet, ends up hooking up with Gabe’s character who helps pay off some of his debt (though not all of it by a long shot) in exchange for Xeos’ services.
  • The implant is powerful, but also prone to fritzing out on him.


  • Made a deal with the devil…
  • Experimental Top Secret Computer Implant in My Brain


On Your Own

Xeos Darnassus

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