Dr. Lucas Argonine


Growing up

While Lucas was born into the poorest class on Aurix, his mother worked in the household of an upper class family cleaning their house. This family had an expansive library, and being kind allowed Lucas full access to it. And access it he did—when he wasn’t helping his mother he buried himself in the books. He loved them all, but in mathematics and science he was prodigy—these came as naturally to him as breathing and walking. By the time he was age 14 he could derive most well known equations in theoretical physics including slipstream dynamics.

But as others before him throughout the eons, his special intellect ostracized him from others his age. He did not fit in with them, which drove him to his books, which built more walls, until he hardly ventured out anywhere where there would be other kids.

So when the Svarog Institute for Advanced Study (SIAS) appeared on his 16th birthday to Choose him, it was the happiest day of his young life. His mother was sad to see him go but she knew it was a chance for him to live a life out there, and the best chance at him finding happiness.

At SIAS, Lucas expected to love it, but soon found the Svarogians to be distant, almost robotic in their outlook to science. It was as if they had long ago discovered all the secrets of the universe and were almost bored. The other Chosen were equally inept in social situations as he, and were naturally cautious about making friends.

There was the science, tho. Oh the science! The same concepts and learning which seemed to bore his Svarogian teachers filled him with more awe then thought possible. It was the science that helped him through those first years, and eventually brought him closer to other Chosen as well as some Svarogian students that weren’t complete robots inside.

The years passed, degrees were achieved, and the mysteries of the cosmos slowly unfolded before him. After a decade of study, including field work, Lucas was developing an inherent understand of the fabric of spacetime unlike any of his peers. And of his instructors, or so he began to think. Lucas was beginning to develop theories that did not sit well with the Svarog, ideas about predicting when slipknots would form.


  • I Don’t Fit In
  • Chosen of Svarog

Staring Out

It was these equations that he devoted most of his post-doctoral work towards. His colleges at SIAS seemed to be very resistant to his line of research—they didn’t say he was wrong, exactly, but they seemed hesitant to support his endeavors.

After years of work Lucas’ equations predicted that a slipknot would form somewhere in the Wrenaxis System. He tried to get grant money to fund a research outpost but was denied. This was the last straw for Lucas at SIAS and it finally drove him to leave academia and pursue his research independently.

He made his way to the Lighthouse—Wrenaxis Station, the crossroads of the cluster. His equations predicted the slipknot would form before a 30 years time but after five, with the highest probability of it forming in seven years. He had time to setup his observation post but he needed to fund it. He could go back to Aurix and apply for funding from one of the megacorps there—he heard they funded these kinds of things if they thought it would turn a profit—but he would be damned if he took anything from them.

So Lucas set out to build his lab in any way he could. In his hands, the most mundane things could be built until an observation outpost capable of pushing his research forward. He worked as a ship’s navigator, but soon learned that in order build his lab he would need more cash then honest ships could provide. Given his skill he was easily able to find work on pirate vessels and other ships where the ability to navigate tight spots in an unseen manor was a highly sought after skill.


  • Pushed Into The Infinite
  • Shotgun Scientist

Moment of Crisis

The years passed. Lucas’ observation outpost was completed and he was able to refine his equations even more—he knew that it would be within the next few months that the slipknot would form. He rented a ship for a year and moved his lab onto it, equiped it for a year in space, and set out into the Wrenaxis system where his equations predicted the slipknot would form.

He did not have to wait long. Only a month after he’d arrived in the sector, the slipknot formed.


  • It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad Universe


On Your Own

Dr. Lucas Argonine

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