Visit Scenic Zkro!

The crew awake to find that Leyland has had a bad reaction to something in the Zkroian biosphere. The scientists take him under their care while the rest of the crew prepares for their journey. They take off in a hovercraft which is equipped with a forcefield similar to that which protects the research station.

The crew encounters a horde of massive headless quadrupeds which quickly becomes a stampede. Through technical wizardry, clever driving and the use of magnetic fields to create a launch ramp out of razor monkey corpses the crew manages to outrun the herd.

They climb a tall cliff to the nest of the angels. On his way up, Fokker is bit by one of the angels and begins having religious visions. The crew reach the cave and see Silias and his crew tied to the back of the cave, angels feeding on them like leeches. The scientist has mutated almost beyond recognition. He’s enormously muscled and his skin has become translucent and luminescent like the angels. He and Fokker get into a debate about which one of them is the true voice of God while Xeus leaps out like a ninja and kills a bunch of angels. Xeus takes a serious beating but the crew are successful. They lower Silas and his team as well as the scientist down the cliff face and head back to the research station.


phobologic gmahoney

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