Trouble in Paradise

As the crew complete their investigation of the Axis Security office, the station alert system begins broadcasting a station wide alert. The radiation shielding of Hogan 6 has been compromised. Xeus learns that this was due to the station point defense system running out of ammunition as the station passed through a debris field, causing the radiation arrays to be smashed. The crew grab a backpack full of drugs and Xeus takes a drone.

The youth gang pleads to Fokker to help and gets aggressive when he claims he cannot. Fearing an escalation, he agrees to put on an EVAC suit and go outside (even though he knows they are beyond repair). The crew and the street urchin head to the corporate offices to investigate the corrupted data.

Xeus learns that the “corrupt data” was actually a manual wipe of video footage during the time period Solar was abducted. He finds a backup in the system and uses facial recognition software to find Solar. The crew sees her finish her shift at the kebab shop, head down to Hab A to meet with her friends and party, and then get abducted as she heads through the entertainment district. She is grabbed by a group of 4 people, one who turns out to be Leyland’s man-bride-to-be, Silas. They throw a bag over her head and take her into a bar called the Crusty Crank,

The crew picks up the Axis Security team on their way back to the Entertainment district. There, they bribe the proprietor with their backpack full of drugs. She describes the 4 people and explains she takes money for things like that all the time.

The crew heads to the docking bays where they find a group of rioters have stopped a load of goods from being delivered via tram to a cargo ship. They are demanding that cargo ship take them off the doomed station. Dr. Argonine provides a distraction by offering money to the captain and his crew. The captain has no interest because he fears reprisals from the mafia-run company that he is working for (InterCluster) but the offer sparks a near mutiny in his crew. As the captain is distracted with his crew, Leyland and Xeus sneak through the tram tracks and get behind the cargo ship’s captain and guards.

Leyland jumps up from the tracks and grabs the captain, holding his blade to his neck. The captain issues and order and one of his crew does something to cause the station to begin losing rotation, causing gravity to dissipate. Xeus leaps from his hiding place and slaughters 3 of the captain’s four armed guards. The captain tries to free himself from Leyland’s grasp but Leyland exerts his superior position to convince the captain to comply.

The crew begins managing an evacuation of the people of Hogan 6 on the cargo ship. It will take two round trips to evacuate everyone.


phobologic gmahoney

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